The Face Behind the Brand

Dusty Rodriguez, Owner of Gem Region Accessories

Gem Region is a thought brought to reality, an accessory online shop that had been in the making long before it's announcement. Our pieces were hand picked and tested personally to ensure their high-end material. These one of a kind statement pieces are perfect to bring pop into your style. Meant to clean up any casual look or help you accessorize beautifully! 


Gem Region was created from love, for the love of getting dolled up back when I, Dusty Rodriguez, was in pageantry! From a young age, I participated in pageants where there was no option but to Make a Statement when showing up to public events. I was trained by professionals on how to diplomatically dress and look. I carry these trainings with me every single day.


Although this was fun, it was not always glitz and glam. I do not come from a wealthy background so many times when shopping for necessities this got expensive! Most times I had to walk the extra mile to receive these things. Understanding firsthand how expensive items are, I'm able to present affordable and realistic prices from our Gem Region Collection; to make you shine and look like a million bucks!


Please Enjoy, I am always so appreciative, THANK YOU ❥